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Getting to Know Agate

I recently saw the most gorgeous engagement ring on the Saint K Instagram feed. Holy…

Let’s Talk Settings

 In the past, I have tried to tell a friend about a new piece of…


Recently I heard a lot of mumbling online about John Corbett (aka Aiden) being left…

The Affair of the Diamond Necklace

One upon a time a diamond necklace helped cause a revolution.  It all started back…

Spinel: Those Who Know, Know

Spinel is perhaps the best kept secret in the jewelry world. So, embrace your inner…

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Who doesn't love things that sparkle? We're combining our forces of creating jewelry and writing all about it to bring you entertaining content about all things gems and jewelry.

stephanie owner of saint k jewelry


Owner of Saint K Jewelry and Lovely Baubles. Lover of snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, wine, and family.

kelly author and blogger


Lends her awesome writing talent to topics like sparkly stuff she loves. Amazing cook and baker extraordinaire!

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