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A Little Bit About Us

We like more than just sparkly things!
stephanie owner of saint k jewelry


Owner, Saint K + Lovely Baubles

When she isn’t at the bench creating jewelry for her two jewelry lines, you can find her exploring the great outdoors of Colorado. She also loves hanging with her husband and 15-year old pup Roxy.

Speaking of Colorado, looking for mountain-inspired jewelry? Check out Lovely Baubles for custom mountain rings.

She also repurposes old family heirloom rings and jewelry into new pieces her client’s will love to wear with Saint K Jewelry.

kelly author and blogger


Writer extraordinaire

Kelly brings her love of writing to explore a whole new world of gems and jewelry. She lends her expertise to taking you through the history of famous gems, monarchs, and gives plenty of tips and tricks.

She’s also a baker extraordinaire, and as her hubby can confirm, she’s the best. She makes some beautiful cakes as well, including Stephanie’s bridal shower ski hill cake!

When she’s not making magic through her words, or with food, she enjoys spending time with her husband, and giving her cat lots of love!

Blog, But Make it Fun

Bringing Back Cheeky

Gemstones and jewelry can feel so sophisticated, so dressed up, and soooo intimidating. But can’t they put on sweatpants in the evenings too?

As a jewelry designer, I try to make each customer feel comfortable, answer questions, and get them involved to remove some of the pressure of the custom jewelry buying process. Because creating and wearing jewelry should be fun!

This blog is a collection of things I love, industry trends, gemstone jewelry and custom jewelry inspiration.  It’s also a place where I can take you behind the scenes of what it’s like to create jewelry for two brands.

My sister-in-law shares a love of sparkly things with me, and she’s the perfect contributor to chat all things gemstones, jewelry, and the stories of famed pieces famous figures have worn throughout the years.

I want to create content you find interesting. Want to know how I create certain styles of jewelry? Maybe there’s a part of the process that you’d like to see? Let us know, and we’d be happy to write all about it.