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Getting to Know Agate

I recently saw the most gorgeous engagement ring on the Saint K Instagram feed. Holy cow this thing was special. It looked like nothing else I had seen before, earthy and ethereal. Come to find out the center stone was a moss agate. I had heard of an agate before, but I honestly didn’t know…

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custom engagement ring prong setting rose gold

Let’s Talk Settings

 In the past, I have tried to tell a friend about a new piece of jewelry I’d bought only to find myself sounding like this, “You know the big stone is in…well it has like two bars of gold…sort of holding it up, and there are diamonds on the side that have like these little…

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Recently I heard a lot of mumbling online about John Corbett (aka Aiden) being left out of the Sex and the City reboot. As I watched grumpy people post about him all I could think about was turquoise. I suspect I’m not the only person…of a certain age… who mostly associates John Corbett with turquoise…

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Pink and purple spinel gemstones on a clear acrylic background

Spinel: Those Who Know, Know

Spinel is perhaps the best kept secret in the jewelry world. So, embrace your inner hipster and impress your friends with your knowledge about the gem that is so cool they have probably never even heard about it.  These little sparklers get their name from the Latin word spinella, which means spine, because the…

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Original Photo of the Amber Room

The Amber Room

Most of us got our education about amber from Jurassic Park. While mining killer dino DNA from amber encased bugs is cool, there is actually a lesser known tale about amber you might have never heard. This is the story of what many consider to be the eighth wonder of the world, The Amber Room. …

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jewelry cases for rings

Have Jewelry, Will Travel

It’s that time of year when many of us will hit the road to travel through the seven layers of the candy cane forest, through the sea of twirly whirly gumdrops, and then through the Lincoln tunnel to arrive at our holiday destination. Whether you fly, drive, sail, or travel the rails you are going…

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opal cabochons in round, oval and square


I know at first when you hear the word opal you probably think about that old lady in your grandma’s coffee klatsch named Opal who makes those dry jam cookies and has a bad habit of pinching your cheeks despite you now being in your late 30s. Actually, opal is one of the more unique…

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