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Custom Mountain Rings and Fine Jewelry

I have two different jewelry brands that I create in my Denver studio.

Lovely Baubles is a line inspired by the mountains, and my rings are perfect for gift giving and celebrating special events. Saint K is my newest brand, inspired by my late mother. It’s a celebration of her love of color, and my personal design aesthetic.

Lovely Baubles Jewelry

I launched my jewelry career with Lovely Baubles, a mountain-inspired line. It all began when I lost my mother the week of my wedding. I think in the back of my mind, I knew I would have a heavy hill to climb following her loss. Without knowing it, I created the very first Mountains Calling ring.

The design sparked a following of customers who were also looking for inspirational jewelry.

Over the years, I sold in boutiques all over the western US, and thousands of my rings are being worn by customers climbing their own mountains.

I decided to take a break from wholesale, and focus on custom mountain rings for customers. People have purchased my jewelry from all over the world!

Saint K Jewelry

Saint K is the perfect marriage between a bold color palette, and unique designs. It’s a tribute to my late mother, who always looked so put together. She always had the perfect accessory to match any outfit in her closet.

With Saint K, I explore unique styles for brides who want a custom engagement ring or wedding band. I create unique and personalized rings with salt and pepper diamonds, natural or lab-grown diamonds, sapphires, moissanites, and more!

I also create reimagined jewelry, using family heirlooms and gemstones. I work with customers to take their jewelry out of the jewelry box stashed in the closet and design something they will want to wear every day.